Smart and Secure Healthcare IT Services

We’re a partner that lets your practice focus on delivering patient care. Free your medical practice from the tasks and technical issues that disrupt patient care with healthcare IT support services that empowers your team to stay up to date.


Smart and Secure Healthcare IT Services

As technology advances, so should your healthcare practice. Our technology experts provide training and implementation support to educate staff, establish best practices, and create healthy system habits.


HIPAA & Security Awareness Training Program

Stay ahead of security threats with Wave’s continuous security awareness program, which includes online HIPAA and HITECH annual employee certification courses. Additionally, we can perform your practice’s annual security risk assessment (SRA) to keep you prepared in the event of an audit.


EMR Optimization

Wave begins by evaluating the current state of your healthcare organization’s EMR system and future goals. We conduct routine system audits while providing tips and tricks for users to maintain efficient workflows across your organization.


EMR Provider and Staff Training

Wave has a proven training plan that takes your organization from the basics to expert knowledge. We learn about your current pains and identify underutilized areas in your system. Our specialists come on site to review and create a plan and training that is tailored to your healthcare practice’s specific needs.


EMR Technical Support

Wave offers full lifecycle support service. Whenever an employee experiences issues, we are only a phone call or email away. Our technicians are ready to assist with finding a solution to your problem so you can focus on patient care.


EMR Feature Implementation

EMR launches and conversions are both time and resource consuming. As the technology continues to advance, so should your users and programs. Wave identifies and prioritizes the latest technology innovations that will benefit your healthcare practice. The full suite provides a 360-degree view of the program which includes ongoing maintenance and upgrades.



HIPAA & Security

  • Security Awareness Program
  • Annual User HIPAA Online Certification
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Polic and Procedure Reviews


  • Best Practice Recommendations
  • Quality Measure Documentation
  • Pain Point Problem Solving
  • New Workflow Development
  • Change Control Procedures


  • Onboarding Training
  • EMR Q&A Support
  • EMR Specialized Focus Trainings
  • User Shadow Sessions

Project Management

  • Go-Live Implementation
  • Interface Support and Connectivity
  • EMR Upgrades
  • EMR-to-EMR Migrations
  • Device Integrations

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