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As technology advances, so should your healthcare practice. Our technology
experts provide training and implementation support to educate staff, establish
best practices, and create healthy system habits.


EMR Implementation Planning

Wave begins by evaluating the current state of your healthcare organization’s EMR system and projected future goals. We conduct readiness assessments, build an implementation plan, and put together response strategy for when issues arise.


Specialized EMR Training Support

Wave has a proven training plan that takes your organization from the basics to expert knowledge. We learn about your current pains and workflow goals. Our specialists come on site to review and create a blueprint that is crafted to your healthcare practice’s specific needs.


EMR System Administration

Wave offers full lifecycle support service. We are only an email or call away, whenever an issue comes up. Our technicians are ready to assist with finding a solution to your problem so you can focus on patient care.


EMR Optimization

Wave maximizes your IT investment by refining your EMR software to continue clinical productivity and workflow efficiency. We keep you up-to-date on the latest updates and technology innovations that will benefit your healthcare practice. Additionally, our technicians implement change control procedures for proper EMR management and communication across your organization.

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