What Is Backup and Disaster Recovery?

hardware with cords in a data center

Backup and disaster recovery are two different services with one very important common goal: protecting your business from financial and reputation damage caused by cyber attacks.  As cyber attacks and threats grow in frequency and severity, it’s becoming increasingly important to work with an IT services company to ensure your data and infrastructure stay safe.  […]

Is Technology Good or Bad: An Age-Old Question

happy businesswoman receiving good news while using technology

From education to healthcare, manufacturing, and communication, tech tools continue to impact our lives and daily activities. Despite our dependence on tech, the question of whether technology is good or bad still lingers. With the development of sophisticated technology trends like Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud computing, blockchain technology, and the Internet of Things (IoT), people and […]

Choosing an MSP: Local or International

IT Professional helping a client

Rather than use a hybrid setup or a completely outsourced third-party platform, the overwhelming majority of modern businesses and corporations are transferring their IT sector to MSPs.  With the field of technology growing exponentially, there appears no sign of slowing down, and managed IT services is often the preferred way for companies to operate. These […]

3 Tips for Keeping Your Massachusetts Healthcare Business Safe

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There are a surprising number of ways in which scams, data corruption, and inefficiency can present security risks to even the most up-to-date healthcare businesses. Cybersecurity, a prominent and growing sector of generalized IT management services, is now being geared towards client employee training in an effort to fend off the more sophisticated cyberattacks that […]

The Role of Cybersecurity in the Legal Industry

The legal industry conducts critical business with high profile clients who require protection against cyber-attacks. Law firms use secure IT compliance policies to protect against two main vital issues: losing client’s data, and losing their practice license due to malpractice. The vulnerabilities the legal industry faces are critical, and they are starting to take more […]

IT Compliance Issues in Healthcare

Healthcare compliance issues affect every kind of medical facility—regardless of size. Large and small healthcare companies must adhere to rules and government regulations in order to protect individuals and their private information. As you know, healthcare guidelines, compliance laws, and government regulations are ever-changing. It can be a lot to keep up with. This is […]

How to Avoid Unmonitored Devices on Your Network

As a result of COVID-19, a rising number of people are working from home. With even more employees working remotely, you have a broader range of security concerns to think about. In particular, you don’t want them to bring unapproved devices onto your network, as that can result in larger problems for your network as […]

When It’s Time for Law Firms to Partner with an MSP

As a law firm, there is important and sensitive information handled daily you would want protected. When dealing with such sensitive information, you want to make sure the sensitive information is properly protected.  With the legal concern to keep the client, yourself, and everyone else involved protected, it’s advised to partner with an MSP to […]

Improving healthcare systems with big data

Yammer, Outlook Groups, and Microsoft Teams have plenty in common. They’re all Microsoft 365 tools designed for sharing files and communicating with colleagues. So what differentiates them from one another, and when should you use which? Let’s take a quick look. Outlook Groups With Outlook Groups, every member gets a shared inbox, calendar, project planner, […]

Microsoft Teams 101 Training

We’re excited to announce that we will be launching an online training program focused on improving your business’s productivity and efficiency, cybersecurity awareness, and much, much more. These trainings will be held virtually on Zoom, and are available to current Wave Technologies clients. The first training will be held on Tuesday November 10th at 2pm EST, […]