What Is Backup and Disaster Recovery?

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Backup and disaster recovery are two different services with one very important common goal: protecting your business from financial and reputation damage caused by cyber attacks. 

As cyber attacks and threats grow in frequency and severity, it’s becoming increasingly important to work with an IT services company to ensure your data and infrastructure stay safe. 

What Is Backup and Disaster Recovery?

Many organizations mistake backup for disaster recovery. But, as most discover after an outage, merely having copies of your data is insufficient to keep your business running in the event of an emergency. 

Strong, tested, and updated business continuity plans that include both backup and disaster recovery are imperative to uninterrupted operations in the wake of cyber disruption. Understanding the role of both backup and disaster recovery is the first step to securing your data. 

Backup Recovery 

Backup recovery is the process of making extra copies of data. The purpose of backing up data is to protect it. There are various reasons you would need to restore data, including a system crash, someone accidentally deleting data, or cybercriminals erasing or corrupting it. 

Disaster Recovery 

Disaster recovery is the process of re-establishing access to your data and resources after an outage. This is an integral part of a business continuity plan and may involve switching over to a redundant server set and storage systems until the primary data center is back online. 

Why It’s Worth It

Your business cannot afford to ignore backup and disaster recovery. As you may know, it takes hours and sometimes days to retrieve and recover lost data after it is deleted. This means that your employees and customers are forced to wait for the data to be retrieved before operations can continue. 

Disruptions of this scale have forced businesses to lose customers for good. In fact, did you know that 60 percent of small businesses are forced to shutter for good within six months of a cyber attack?

Given the time and money you risk losing in the event of a breach, an investment in backup and disaster recovery services is well worth it.

Overall Benefits

Recovery plans will:

  • Protect your IT systems from significant disruptions.
  • Get your business up and running ASAP in the event of disaster.
  • Test your backup and recovery regularly as part of routine maintenance.
  • Perform hourly backups to a remote location with no human intervention.
  • Recover data as far back as days, weeks, and months.

Don’t Wait for Catastrophe to Strike

If you’re ready to get started ensuring your most valuable assets and data stay protected, contact Wave Technologies today.